We are driven by a very simple idea. To design interiors that are safe and configured to improve the function in which occupants work, live and relax safely. We then add the aesthetics to reflect surrounding architecture, environment and personalise a style.

Beautifully designed ideas are valueless if they are incorrectly executed so we place thirty years expertise at the centre of everything we do and advise.

We design a space to fit the brief, then we challenge the brief to see if our development team can improve upon our clients desired outcome. Sometimes a commissioning client does not know how to define their instructions because they are not experienced in the numerous facets of consideration that must be applied to create a multi functional and compliant interior. It is our job to guide, advise and sometimes prevent a client led error. One idea sparks another and we carefully consider each suggestion, issue and option throughout various supply chain tasks and skills to complete a fully designed interior. We are expert in extracting the information we need. Keeping everything in-house we are able to truly integrate creativity with specification, installation and consistently deliver beyond client expectation. Our ever returning clients are our best advertisement. We call it creative execution.

Each option provides a mix of solutions to fit the specialist design, installation and service required. Customise your design brief for individual projects by scale and relevant qualified advice needed.

Design interior

Option 1

Complete Package – Design, build and supply.

This is the full interior design service, specification of mainly ‘trade only’ supply of products, fit-out installation and stylise service. Concept & design drawings, computer generated images, plans and presentations involve the client with visuals the see and touch before execution. Budget control & the necessary license applications create the compliance and business element of the project by the ISO9001 registered company to prevent unnecessary delays or costs.

This package includes a site survey to prepare design specific drawings & plans to scale and three style concepts of the interior design scheme.

Design interior
Design interior

Option 2

Design & Decorate – Design and product supply

This is the intermediate level for design services only. It includes a survey to prepare design specific drawings & plans to scale, it may also include additional layers of design such as utilities. The option includes style concepts and space layout.

Option 3

Design Advice – Design, Concept and Specification

This is a minimum project service for those who want professional direction to work alone or alongside directly employed professions such as engineers, project managers, cost surveyors and building contractors. The design-only service includes a site survey, prepared drawings & plans to scale and may also include additional layers of design such as electrical sockets, lighting circuits, plumbing and ducting plans and construction elements that impact upon design recommendations. This option may also include concepts of the interior design scheme and specification proposal which provides advice on scale, shape, style, surfaces, product, manufacturer and price. It allows you to personalise, purchase or source your own products directly.

Design interior
Design interior

Option 4

‘Can I just ask you’… An hourly rate

For a minimum fee (plus additional hourly rate as required) according to the three levels of experienced design the project demands we offer an ad-hoc hourly rate advice service. This service suits business, pre-purchase and general advice on industry related design.

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