At Weproductise we have an extensive and complete catalog of services. Our technical knowledge combined with the information and experience we have from all the industries where our clients are operating and competing, makes us search for the best solution to maximize and optimize the design, production and marketing processes of a specific process.

Because we aim at understanding our customer’s ambitions and goals, our proposals value the specific needs of each partner/business. The right bet at the right time. That's what the game is all about. Find the moment, in order to go beyond just getting ready. The main issue is on the “Do it”, and therefore we support in identifying problems and needs which always result in sustainable solutions which include a wide range of materials, technologies, processes, markets and target customers.

Design and Product Engineering

- Creative development and transformation of ideas and insights     

- Conceptual and product design

- Prototyping (cutting and laser engraving,

milling 3 and 4 axis, 3d printing, digital printing,

thermoforming, packaging, electronics, ...)

- Production and follow-up

Communication and marketing Design

Multimedia design

- Webdesign

- Animation & Video

- Multimedia content

- 3D Modulation


Graphic design

- Corporate identity

- Editorial

- Merchandising




- Project

- Models

- Materials

- Prototype


Still life photography

- Photo and studio

- Post-production

- Aplications



Printing & Finishings

- Digital printing

- Standards and finishing for rigid substrates and rolls

- Writing and laser cutting




- Brand design and strategy

- Branding

- Marketing

- Workshops, technologic events, team building, seminars, etc


Sede: Largo Senhor dos Aflitos, nº 120, Freixo, 4990-434 Ponte de Lima, Portugal

GPS: 41°39'33.00"N 8°35'16.44"W
(+351) 258 763 141
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